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Portfolio of Derick Cummings

Website Development in MA


Derick started building websites in the late 1990's and was cutting his teeth on technology that was in its infancy. Now more than 20 years later and with hundreds of websites designed, developed managed, maintained... Derick Cummings has a solid grasp on what it takes to get a client's project to success.

View a small sample of recent website development projects to get an idea of how your website can thrive.

SEO Case Studies

View a search engine optimization case study of a safety apparel business with over 20,000 products.

Getting products and landing pages to rank position #1 on page #1 of a search engine is difficult enough, but to keep it there over time is something of SEO science.

Audio Production

Audio Production

Audio Production, Live Recording, Mixing for Commercials/Films, Voice-Over Production

Multi-track recording, analog and digital mixing or mastering services available for your next project. Audio editing on Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Digital Performer or your choice. Studio for capturing bands, voice-over artists and Foley for films.

Video Broadcasting

Video Production Services in Massachusetts for Live Music, Corporate or Studio

Capture your live performance in the studio and broadcast to YouTube, Facebook, Twitch or your choice. Full audio mutli-track capture for precision mixing later. Multi cameras capturing different angles and live switcher for production edits. Add logos, graphics, titles and credits for post production video editing.

Video Production
Photography in Central Massachusetts


Photography Services in Central Massachusetts

Commercial photography for factory shoots in central Massachusetts. Capture machines, fabrication process, services, manufacturing and teams. Portrait photography, studio photos, on-location services, and live events photography available in MA.

Composer / Songwriter

Film Scoring, Songwriting, Backtrack Creation and Ensemble Composition

If you need grooving backtracks, symphonic music bends for film, audio book music, or screaming guitar sonics, the possibilities are endless.

Songwriting and Composing
Live Performance


Live Performance - Broadcasting, Stage, Festivals, Casinos, Clubs, Theaters

Live performance has been a solid source of enjoyment for decades. Turning though into music, intentions into expressions and hopefully joy to listeners, is the ultimate form of communication.