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About Derick Cummings

Timeline of Derick Cummings

Timeline History - Derick Cummings

Websites, SEO, Broadcasting, Recording and Editing are all in the current job description of Derick's skills and responsibilities.

In recent years, a consistent demographic has found Derick working with several companies in the Safety Clothing Industry, Plastics Industry, Manufacturing Software, Modular Homes and Lumber Companies as a website developer, video creator and doing SEO, Internet Marketing, Product Research and Competition Analysis. After rebuilding a tech heavy local studio, Derick is now recording, filming and broadcasting bands and performers live from a single location.

2010's Freelance Specialist

SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Ecommerce & Films became a more consistent focus throughout the 2010's.

The Wacky Factory, Wormcity TV and Jarvis Films were consistent projects Derick worked with during the 2010s. This included working with children's television, scripting, editing, music creation, working with kids ages 5 - 18. Working in TV production studios and Local Access in Worcester, MA and Southbridge, MA. Recording bands and projects in multitrack studios as engineer and/or producer/director. Had experience working with Award Winning films and sound design across the country with Jarvis Films. As a freelancer, projects included photography work, videography work, set lighting, recordist, mixing and editing. A parallel skill set the Derick continued to sharpen was the un-exact science of Search Engine Optimization and Data Analytics. While his website development steered more towards eCommerce website stores, many projects included getting businesses to rank high in search engines and developing internet marketing campaigns.

2000's Cut My Hair

Worked with Design House / Website Development Firm and Multimedia & Visual Productions through the 2000s.

Derick was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to start working as a freelancer in the world of Website Development, Design and Print for Positronic Design in Northampton, MA. As experience progressed and a new opportunity arose, the next natural step was into the world of Multimedia with the award winning Del Padre Visual Productions. With top national clients and high profile projects, Derick traveled the country filming, capturing audio, editing corporate and educational videos, developing websites, developing Flash presentations and Voice-Over work.

Touring in the 1990's

The 90's was full of traveling, performance, sound and stage production.

In 1990 Derick moved to Boston, MA, auditioned for bands and projects and made many life long connections. Touring all over the USA, Canada and Caribbean with the eclectic, award winning ensemble, "Hypnotic Clambake" and Funk Rock Blues explosion "Stone Lily" Derick gained priceless experience. This experience extended to running multiple stage festivals sound and logistics, sound company, marketing, touring and booking logistics, performer as a guitarist and singer, recording engineer for many local and national projects. Technology also allowed Derick to create and operate multimedia that displayed on stage in clubs, theaters and events. By the end of the decade Derick spent two years educating and gaining certification with computers, software, applications and programming.

Timeline of Derick Cummings

The 80's Experience

Growing up in the 1980's in the USA was an educational and life learning experience during a cultural explosion.

Derick's 1st computer was a Texas Instrument TI88 and it saved data to a cassette player using digital warbles. This audio/digital information striped the tape and was translated back into zeros and ones when retrieved back into the computer. Most of the 1980's Derick was learning music, how to work with others, learning about computers and learning about sound engineering. Writing music and starting a band with friends kicked off a life long passion and parallel career.

Skills and Knowledge

Derick has acquired many skills, certifications and knowledge over the years. Here are some of the Apps, Software and Programming Languages Derick is an expert or at an advanced professional level.

Graphics: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Fireworks Websites: Adobe Dreamweaver, Wordpress, HTML 5, CSS 3, Javascript, PHP, FTP. HTTPS Ecommerce: BigCommerce, Magento, Volusion, Zen Cart SEO: Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, Analytics, SEO Powersuite Audio: Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Digital Performer, Adobe audition Video: Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Speed Grade
Graphics and Photography Skills


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