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  • Date :April 01, 2023

Perma Grin Music: Performing original material from Ode to Entropy. Also performing some re-arranged yet deranged familiar music. (Progressive Rock, Blues, Funk, Polka, Middle Eastern Metal, Jazz, Bluegrass) Perma Grin Music is a high energy and fun project that began during the pandemic with song creation and broadcasting/capture at Long Hill Studios in Massachusetts. The musicians from this exciting music collaborative are from other bands or touring groups that needed something fun to do locally when not traveling. This band of misfit scholars, computer engineers, music teachers, and professional performers have recorded a new album called "Ode To Entropy." If you get a chance to listen you will discover each track is a totally different listening experience.. Perma Grin is comprised of the following talented musicians that performed, developed and/or recorded as special guests for the latest project: "Ode To Entropy."

Ode To Entropy

The Challenge

The mission was to create a collection of diverse arrangements and songs that is not normally consumed by the public, yet alluring and interesting to musicians and music minded enthusiasts.   

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Perma Grin Music

The Solution

Perma Grin Music produced and recorded Ode To Entropy, which is now available everywhere. To view other music projects, check out Long Hill Studios.

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