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  • Category :Plastic and Silicone Molding
  • Clients :Dymotek
  • Date :2012 - 2023

Dymotek - Dynamic Molding Technologies: The technical approach that Dymotek takes to silicone rubber injection molding is founded on scientific molding disciplines. Dymotek understands the unique and important characteristics that make liquid silicone rubber such a tricky but very desirable material, and carefully consider the silicone rubber's "point of view" in order to create identical parts with efficiency and consistency.


The Challenge

Dymotek has two factories, one in Ellington, Connecticut and one in Somers, CT. There is a need to find good employees to be a part of the team.

Helping Dymotek find recruits to find a future career in Runner less Molding, Fleshless Molding, 2-Shot Silicone Molding, assembly and plastic engineering.


The Solution

The solution was creating and updating the company website with strong SEO ranking positions, building Google ad campaigns and working with print mediums for trade shows. By scheduling and shooting photography of the factories and video of encouraging employees for career incentive videos.

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